General questions

Introducing ‘I Run Clean™‘

‘I Run Clean™’ is European Athletics’ new anti-doping education programme and knowledge base. This state of art e-learning platform will help athletes, and others who love the sport, play their part in the fight against doping.

‘I Run Clean™’ is easy to use and provides everyone with the information and understanding they need to make good decisions, protect their health and avoid breaching anti-doping regulations.

‘I Run Clean™’ was developed with input from athletes, sport officials, educationalists and doping control experts.

Starting in 2018, completing the ‘I Run Clean™’ programme will become a mandatory qualification criterion for European Athletics’ championship events.

What are the aims of ‘I Run Clean™‘?

The main aim of ‘I Run Clean™’ is to provide reliable information that will help the platform’s users understand the issues around doping in sport and the regulations that must be observed to compete fairly.

‘I Run Clean™’ also aims to help athletes understand their personal values, how they relate to sport and how they contribute to good decision making. As more and more build solid ethical frameworks, the culture of clean sport will be strengthened.

‘I Run Clean™’ is meant to supplement and support the anti-doping programmes offered by federations, national anti-doping agencies and other organisations.

Who should do the ‘I Run Clean™‘ programme?

‘I Run Clean™’ is for you.

The main target group, of course, is athletes of all ages and performance levels – school-aged to Masters, grassroots to elite – in the 51 countries served by European Athletics. But anyone who would like to know more about making athletics a doping-free sport is welcome complete the programme.

If you love athletics you are invited to make the ‘I Run Clean™’ pledge by completing the programme and earning your diploma.

What are the components of ‘I Run Clean™‘?

The ‘I Run Clean™’ programme consists of the following eight modules that can be accessed through your computer, tablet or smart phone:

  • Making good decisions
  • The WADA prohibited list
  • Health consequences of doping
  • Doping control procedures
  • Anti-doping rule violations
  • The ‘Whereabouts’ procedures
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions
  • Dietary supplements

The modules are interactive and include self-explanatory video and text as well as questions to confirm your understanding. The whole programme will take 30-40 minutes to complete, but you do not need to complete all the modules in one go.

Each module also contains links to an expert-curated knowledge base that will help you learn more about any of the topics that might interest you.

What happens when I complete the ‘I Run Clean™’ programme?

When you have finished all eight modules, you will be able to download your ‘I Run Clean™’ diploma, which will include a unique certification number.

This diploma represents your pledge to observe athletics’ anti-doping regulations and compete fairly – to Run Clean.

Everyone who completes the ‘I Run Clean™’ programme will immediately be linked to their social media accounts and encouraged share the fact that they are playing their part in the fight against doping with their friends and followers.

Are an ‘I Run Clean™‘ diploma and certification number needed to compete in a European Athletics Championships?

Yes. The diploma will be a mandatory qualification criterion for the 2018 European Athletics U18 Championships in Gyor/HUN.

Afterwards, the requirement will be applied to subsequent age-group championships and by 2020 all athletes wishing to take part in any European Athletics event will require a valid ‘I Run Clean™’ diploma.

Elite athletes will be required to communicate their certification number to their national federation so the Team Manager can include it with the entry information for future European Athletics events.

In which languages will ‘I Run Clean™‘ be available?

The ‘I Run Clean™‘ platform was launched in English in July 2017. By the end of the year 11 other languages will be added.

The initial 12 languages will be enough to give all elite athletes an opportunity to complete the programme and meet the requirement for competing in the European Athletics Championships starting in 2018.

Additional languages may be added in the future.

How can I get more information about ‘I Run Clean™‘?

Find out everything by logging on to the ‘I Run Clean™‘ platform at www.irunclean.org

Technical questions

What do I need to use this anti-doping e-learning programme?

You need a computer, mobile or tablet with a stable broadband network connection (>1Mbps WiFi,Ethernet,3G/4G). Your browser must support HTML5 and Javascript must not be deactivated. Microsoft Edge (v.15), Google Chrome (v.59), Apple Safari (v.10), Mozilla Firefox (v.54) or newer versions of these are recommended to use. To sign up and login you also need a valid email address.

How do I get access to the course?

Go to irunclean.org and sign up or login.

I have forgot my password, how can I login?

Go to the login page and click "Forgot password?".

How can I change my profile information?

Log in and go to your profile page. Click on "Edit profile".

I'm trying to share my image but nothing happens, why?

The buttons for sharing your profile image on social media will open up new windows. If you have popup blocking software installed, then you might need to disable them for this site for the sharing windows to open properly.

How do I navigate in the course content?

In the course you can continue by completing the exercises and/or clicking on "Next" when available. To go back to repeat content, click on "Back". When watching a video, it is not possible to go further back than the beginning of the video.

I'm getting error messages or some functionality doesn't work as expected.

Please contact us at irunclean@european-athletics.org and give us as much details as possible about what did happen / what didn't happen / which device are you using (incl which operatingsystem) / which browser (incl version), what kind of network were you using (WiFi/3G etc).

Haven't found what you were looking for? Feel free to mail us and we will help you as soon as possible.