Learn more about ‘I Run Clean’

Across Europe athletes are making a pledge ‘I Run Clean’.

It is a clear and powerful pledge that they respect themselves, their health and their competitors by following the rules of athletics.

To give more substance to the pledge, European Athletics has launched the ‘I Run Clean’ anti-doping e-learning platform after two years of work with athletes and experts in the fight against doping. It is a supplement and support for the anti-doping education programmes offered by federations, national anti-doping agencies and other organisations.

The easy to use interactive ‘I Run Clean’ programme comprises eight units, starting with Values and Decision Making, and a curated knowledge base, which together provide everyone with an understanding of the rules, procedures and other information they need to be responsible for their part in the fight against doping.

All athletes are invited to stand up for their sport and make the ‘I Run Clean’ pledge by completing the programme and earning their diploma.

Starting in 2018 the diploma will be a mandatory qualification for European Athletics’ age group championships and by 2020 for all athletes.

So why wait? Login now, learn and make the ‘I Run Clean’ pledge – get your certification.